James W. Scalise is a practicing Architect with a professional studio located in Scottsdale, AZ known as the JWSA Studio. In addition to being dedicated to a highly personal client integration approach to the practice of architecture, his design and practice expertise incorporates a wide variety of architecturally related design disciplines, including architectural illustrations, interior design and space planning, graphics design and corporate identification logos & branding, landscape design, and site planning.

Mr. Scalise's professional education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Arizona State University (1967), and a Master's Degree in Architecture from The University of California - Berkeley (1968).

He has held full time faculty positions in Architecture at a number of Architectural Schools and Universities including The University of Kansas (1969-1970), Arizona State University (1970-1984), The University of Nevada at Las Vegas (1992-1994), and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin in Scottsdale, AZ (2002-2004).  Along with his professorial teaching responsibilities, he has held administrative positions as an Assistant Dean of the College of Architecture at Arizona State University and as an Associate Dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

With his primary architectural registration in Arizona (1973) and subsequent architectural registrations in New Mexico (1983), Nevada (1993), and in Colorado (1998), James W. Scalise, through the JWSA Studio, engages in the practice of architecture that is dedicated to site appropriate and environmentally responsible solutions to living and working in built habitats and environs that are mutually suited to each other.